Fierce Competitor, Catalyst for Change, and Seattle Majestics Center

Series Created by Sarah Wolfer – Seattle Majestics Player

The Seattle Majestic Football team launched a series on March 8th to highlight the many impressive women who make up the team. The Seattle Majestics players and coaches come from all walks of lives with varying backgrounds and experiences who are unified by one common goal – Winning the IX Cup in Denver, Colorado this summer.

This #FootballFriday we are excited to bring you the encouraging words of Seattle Majestics Offensive Lineman – Meagan Lenoir.

Meagan started playing football with the Majestics in 2018, but has been a sports lover long before that. In the last few years Meagan has tried ultimate frisbee, softball, football, and snowboarding. Always up for a challenge, Meagan joined the Majestics because she was ready to step outside her comfort zone and challenge herself at a new level with this team and sport. Meagan is truly an elite athlete who has everything it takes to bring women’s football front and center. Read more about her inspiring story here!

Tell us about yourself and your journey to become a tackle football player with the Seattle Majestics. How did you get started playing football?

I am originally from Chicago Illinois, and I moved to Seattle after college 3.5 years ago to work at Microsoft as a Software Engineer. During my first few years here, I focused on improving my health and living an active lifestyle, which transformed me enough to learn and try different sports for the first time. I got into ultimate frisbee, softball, snowboarding, and flag football. Snowboarding is what stuck the best, and last year I was able to go over 20 times. I love traveling and try to visit a new state every year, take a few snowboarding trips, and go out of the country yearly. Despite all that activity, I wanted to challenge myself by doing something I’ve never done before, playing in an organized team sport! I came to a Majestics tryout for the 2018 season, made the team, and was fortunate to be able to play both offensive line and defensive line during my rookie season.

Why the Seattle Majestics and the WNFC?

There was no question that if I was going to enter this world of professional women’s football, then I wanted to be on the best team in Seattle. Starting my second season with the Majestics and the WNFC has cemented that we are among elite competition and I am happy to go to battle with every single one of my teammates.

This past weekend, our team has faced more adversity than some teams have during an entire season. Luckily for us, we play the ultimate TEAM sport. We can’t get through this alone, and we don’t have to. While we are facing these challenges the only way we will be able to overcome them is by sticking together, building each other up, and learning from our mistakes.

We all we got, we all we need!

We know we’ll come out even stronger than we started!

As part of the Women’s National Football Conference, the Seattle Majestics are now sponsored by Adidas through the “She Breaks Barriers” campaign. What do you feel are the biggest barriers facing women in sports today?

Recognition and Respect!

Women’s sports, as seen in the most recent NCAA tournament, doesn’t get the recognition and respect as their male counterparts. Shining a light on women’s football exposes that women can and do play this sport on a high level. Too often, women’s sports aren’t recognized as “legitimate” or worthy of attention. By playing games against the best women’s teams and providing our fans with 4 quarters of hard-hitting and action-packed football, we are slowly working to change the narrative of our sport.

What do you see as your role in changing that?

I want to make sure that my game and level of competition is on par with the best players on the field by putting forth the effort to learn the game and be technically sound. I want to respect the game by stepping on the field ready to play and to prove to viewers why they should support women’s football.

Based on your own experience, what advice would you give girls growing up today?

Be EXACTLY who you are without trying to fit into a mold.

You can be the strongest, tallest, smartest, and toughest girl in your class! Love yourself for that quality, and if you want to change something, do it because YOU want to!

Who is your (s)hero and how did/ does she inspire you?

Growing up I was always inspired by Maya Angelou and her many poems and books about strong women. Her “Phenomenal Woman” poem highlights the strength of a self-confident woman and has always been a confidence builder for me. Here is a short excerpt of this powerful poem.

“I say,

It’s the fire in my eyes,   

And the flash of my teeth,   

The swing in my waist,   

And the joy in my feet.   

I’m a woman


Phenomenal woman,

That’s me.”

And Meagan is right about that – she really is a phenomenal woman!

The Seattle Majestics are hosting the Las Vegas Silver Stars this Saturday for our home opener at French Field (Kent-Meridian High School). If you want to see Meagan and the Seattle Majestics in action, you can purchase your tickets HERE. If you aren’t local to the Greater Seattle area, but want to see these amazing women playing football – you’re in luck! The WNFC recently joined forces with USCREEN and announced “WNFCTV.” Check out more information and watch the games live HERE.

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