Future Film Director, Womanpreneur, and Majestics Wide-Receiver

Series Created by Sarah Wolfer – Seattle Majestics Player

The Seattle Majestics Football team launched a series on March 8th to highlight the many impressive women who make up the team. The Seattle Majestics players and coaches come from all walks of life with varying backgrounds and experiences who are unified by one common goal – Winning the IX Cup in Denver, Colorado this summer.

This #FootballFriday we are thrilled to acknowledge a #Rookie player on the team and overall phenomenal woman who is here to inspire girls and women everywhere to become the best they can be in sports AND in life. Sara Baumgardner joined the Seattle Majestics for her first year in 2019 and has already owned who she is on and off the field. Feeling entrepreneurial, Sara has started a side-business while also working full-time at Boeing. In addition to all these accomplishments, Sara has dreams of one day owning a film production company and has an extensive background in this area. Sara has been involved with film her entire life and has even won “Best Director” at a local drama festival. As a wide-receiver on the team, Sara is ready to catch everything that comes her way, and prove to the world that women everywhere are inspiring and can do anything they put their minds to. Check out her powerful story here!

Tell us about yourself and your journey to become a tackle football player with the Seattle Majestics. How did you get started playing football? Why the Seattle Majestics and the WNFC?

I started out playing football because last summer a friend asked me to join a flag football tournament and a group of the Seattle Majestics were playing in that tournament. Some of the players talked to me about the Majestics and suggested I come out for a workout.

What made me officially decide was the family-feel that the team gave right off the bat. The head coach of the Majestics, Scott McCarron, made me feel like I was a part of the family and it was a time in my life that I was really looking for that. At that point, joining the Seattle Majestics felt like a no-brainer for me.

What also really appealed to me was the fact that the Seattle Majestics were joining the WNFC. The WNFC seemed to take women’s professional football very seriously as far as making a statement that women can do anything they set their minds to at the same time as taking women’s football to the next level.

As part of the Women’s National Football Conference, the Seattle Majestics are now sponsored by Adidas through the “She Breaks Barriers” campaign. What do you feel are the biggest barriers facing women in sports today?

Not only are women scrutinized for how they compare to men at each sport that they play, but they are also picked apart for their physical image.

It’s not often that you hear people talking about a man’s physical appearance, yet women are publicized about it as society likes to pair a woman’s abilities with her body image.

It often feels like it is either that, or they don’t give the women who are great athletes the time of day unless their stats are head turners.

What do you see as your role in changing that?

I see my role in changing that as similar to how I do in the working world where women are also underestimated.

It’s taking the time to educate those around me that women are capable of whatever they set their minds to. If we completely stopped working towards our goals then society would move more towards that mindset. When you keep working towards your goals and focus your mind on the message you’re trying to deliver while also having the time of your life playing the sport you love, then our society will keep moving in that direction. We as women can literally do anything we set our minds to despite our image.

A gender does not make you better or worse at a sport, nor does it mean you need to be the most visually appealing to society. My role is to keep doing what I do with my teammates and showing that to the world.

Based on your own experience, what advice would you give girls growing up today?

Don’t pay attention to what the social norms are around you.

Create your own path.

Focus on what you love and don’t let anyone tell you how you have to look or that you can’t be one of the biggest and baddest female athletes out there.

There are women doing it every day and there are daily opportunities to live out your dreams.

No one knows more about what you are capable of than you.

Commit to your growth daily. These things will make you unstoppable.

Who is your (s)hero and how did/ does she inspire you?

Since I was young, I have focused on one person’s life journey who inspired me and taught me that anything is achievable – and that person is Hillary Swank.

She came from a trailer park in Bellingham, WA and had the dream of becoming an actress. The one person who believed in her was her mom, but given their circumstances they drove around California with very little money in their pockets knowing and hoping that their dream could become a reality.

Now today she has become one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood and has always remained humble about where she is today.

She is a constant reminder that even in the entertainment industry, which is full of men, you can come from nothing to achieving everything that you dreamed of as a child.

And that is why I have the tattoo “DREAM” on my forearm. It is a constant reminder that dreams are not out of reach no matter what anyone in this world tells you.

If you want to see Sara and the Seattle Majestics in action, you’re in luck! The WNFC recently joined forces with USCREEN and announced “WNFCTV.” Check out more information and watch the games live HERE

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