Seattle Majestics LineBacker – Holly Custis

Series Created by Sarah Wolfer – Seattle Majestics Player

The Seattle Majestic Football team launched a series on March 8th to highlight the many impressive women who make up the team. The Seattle Majestics players and coaches come from all walks of lives with varying backgrounds and experiences who are unified by one common goal – Winning the IX Cup in Denver, Colorado this summer.

We started with our very own CEO – Cyndi Butz-Houghton and then brought you the story of our longest-standing Majestics Player Adrienne Wilson.

This #FootballFriday we have another exciting player to highlight – Holly Custis!

Holly has been playing football for 13 years – most recently with the Seattle Majestics since 2015. Holly is a LineBacker who knows what it takes to excel on AND off the football field. She has received numerous football accolades including several league, division, and team awards. Holly is an 8-time All-Star and was recently inducted into the first-ever “Women’s Football Hall of Fame.” In addition to all this, she is also one of the hardest workers and most passionate players in the women’s football game.

Here is her inspiring story!

Tell us about yourself and your journey to become a tackle football player with the Seattle Majestics. How did you get started playing football?

I work as recruiter for an auto processing company where I hire people to work on cars. I am married and have a dog and a cat. I like to write and I have a blog. I also am a co-host on a weekly podcast called Gridiron Beauties. For fun, I like to travel, eat good food, and I love watching shows on the History Channel.

As for football, I have been playing for 13 years. My senior year at the University of Oregon, I found out about a football team in Eugene. I watched them play a game and decided that I wanted to play. I tried to play with them the following year but they merged with a team in Corvallis. As such, I played with the Corvallis Pride from 2007-2009. I then moved to Portland and played for the Portland Fighting Fillies from 2010-2014. Finally, I moved up to Seattle and have been playing with the Majestics since 2015.

Why the Seattle Majestics and the WNFC?

“When I moved up to the Seattle area, I was already familiar with the Majestics as I had played against them for years. I understood the history and tradition of winning that they brought and I wanted to be a part of it.

I am excited we are now in the WNFC as I feel that we are entering a new era of women’s football and that this league can help take us there.”

As part of the Women’s National Football Conference, the Seattle Majestics are now sponsored by Adidas through the “She Breaks Barriers” campaign. What do you feel are the biggest barriers facing women in sports today?

“I think the biggest barrier for women in sports today is exposure. The lack of exposure means stereotypes are perpetuated. It also means less representation in the media and therefore less respect from the sports world and society as a whole. This trickles down to girls growing up thinking that they don’t have a place if they want to compete.”

What do you see as your role in changing that?

“I see my role as using what platform and leverage I have to help break down those stereotypes. I want to be a role model to show that you can achieve success if you work hard and believe in yourself. I want to help expose women’s sports to the general public more, so that female athletes are valued and respected as much as the male athletes.”

Based on your own experience, what advice would you give girls growing up today?

“Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. You can. The only one who truly knows who you are and what you are made of is you. Whatever you want to do in life, whether it be football, the violin, acting, a doctor, a lawyer, or any other profession, you can do it. You just have to work at it each day.

Also, never let anyone tell you that women are not as strong or valuable as men because we are. You are valuable.”

Who is your (s)hero and how did/ does she inspire you?

“My hero as a child was Jerry Rice. I loved that he was never the fastest or strongest but he always outworked everyone.”

If you want to see Holly and the Seattle Majestics in action, you can purchase your tickets HERE. If you aren’t local to the Greater Seattle area, but want to see these amazing women playing football – you’re in luck! The WNFC recently joined forces with USCREEN and announced “WNFCTV.” Check out more information and watch the games live HERE.

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